Is the birthday child included in the number of jumpers?

Yes, the birthday child is included in the number of jumpers. We provide the exact number of wristbands for the party. For example, if the party is a 10 jumper party, we will provide 10 wristbands.

How long is my party?

Parties are two hours long. Clean up starts 10 minutes before the end of the party. Cake, pinata and presents must be completed within that time.

Will my guests get grip socks?

Grip socks are provided to the number of jumpers in your party.

When will my food be served?

Pizza and drinks are served the second hour of the party.

Will I have to pay for non-jumpers?

No, you do not have to pay for non-jumpers. You only pay for people who will be jumping and participating in the activities. Non- jumpers are welcomed to come and join the festivities for free.

What happens if I am late to my party?

Party times are scheduled as is and cannot be extended due to late arrivals.

Can I bring in a character to my event?

No, characters are not allowed.

What decorations can I bring for my party?

You are allowed to bring table decorations, balloons and banners that have their own stand. We do not allow anything on the walls, confetti, glitter or silly string.

Will I be able to bring in a pinata?

Yes, we have a pinata pit available for you to bring in your own piñata. Remember, you are responsible for pulling the rope for your piñata.

What is the deposit money?

The deposit money is a $150 non-refundable fee for parties and/or events.

What is your cancellation policy?

Birthday Parties & Team Events: All deposits for parties and/or events are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your party and/or event from the original scheduled date, we will work with you to find an alternate date and time providing such notice is given within three days of the scheduled date. If you need to reschedule your party and/or event a second time, there will be a $50.00 rescheduling fee. All deposits will be applied to the outstanding balance on the day of the party and/or event.

Special Events: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book a special event. If you cancel your event, all deposits will be forfeited.

If Acts of God cause the facility to close, your party and/or event will be rescheduled at a date and time that is convenient for both Flip’z and the customer. No refunds will be given due to weather or acts of God.

What’s your outside food policy?

“No outside Food or Drinks allowed exception is Birthday Cake.”


Are socks required to be used inside the building?

Grip socks are required to be purchased and used for jumpers only.

How are we taking Covid-19 precautions?

Safety is our top priority at Flip’z. See our Covid-19 Flip’z family fun standards of safety page to learn more. 

May I bring in grip socks from another Trampoline Park?

Yes, you are able to bring in socks from other Trampoline Parks, but they must have grip from heal to toe.